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Fresh Friday: Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoThe sweet potato is a succulent vegetable native to the Americas, which thrives in hot, moist climates.
The skin of sweet potatoes can range from nearly white to brown, pink, or even purple.

The flesh of sweet potatoes can vary in color, but in the U.S. we prefer yellow- or orange-fleshed varieties. The sweet potato is sometimes called a yam, but the yam is actually a totally different plant.

Start your sweet potatoes in the spring after the danger of frost has passed. They will need to grow for about four months before they’re ready to harvest.

Store your sweet potatoes in a warm room for at least two weeks before eating to convert some of the starch to sugar. After that, keep them in a pantry.

Find out more about sweet potatoes and other vegetables in the Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide.

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