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Want to grow citrus, but worried about the chilly weather we’ve had lately? Try kumquats!

kumquatsKumquats are called “the little gold gems of the citrus family.” They have a thin, sweet peel and a zesty, tart center, and you can eat kumquats just like you’d eat grapes!

The kumquat tastes best when gently rolled between the fingers before being eaten. It’s the only citrus fruit that can you can eat “skin and all.”

The kumquat’s unique flavor makes it a pleasant addition to many recipes, and it’s a favorite for jelly, marmalade, and chutney.

Kumquat trees grow well throughout Florida, planted in the yard or in large containers. Several types are available. The trees are very cold hardy, and are highly resistant to citrus canker. The trees require the same care as other citrus, so add one to a sunny location in your garden!

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