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FAQs for Florida Vegetable Gardening

Vegetable gardening can be a fun and enriching experience, but it’s not completely intuitive, especially if you’re new to gardening (or new to Florida). Here is one question we hear over and over again—with solutions and suggestions.

I planted onions this year. The tops grew, but the plants never produced bulbs. Why?

Your onions may not have produced bulbs for several reasons:

  1. They were not bulbing onions; rather they were shallots, green, or multiplier types that do not form large bulbs.
  2. They were the wrong type of bulbing onion; in Florida “short-day” types are recommended. See the Florida Vegetable Gardening Guide for recommended varieties.
  3. They were planted too late. Bulbing onion seeds or transplants must be planted in the fall. They need a long growing period under short days to stimulate them to produce bulbs.

Garlic, like onion, is a long-season crop which is planted in the fall and harvested in the spring.

Want more answers to your gardening questions? See Vegetable Gardening: Most Asked Questions.

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