Seeing Spots of Red?

cardinalCardinals are very active this time of year and you might see them flitting around throughout your landscape. They are one of the most well-known songbirds. The brilliant red feathers of the male cardinal make them easy to spot. Female cardinals are more subtle, with rosy brown coloring.

Cardinals like to feed at stationary 4 to 6 foot tall feeders, and they prefer black-oiled sunflower seeds. They feed most often in the morning.

Cardinals prefer their surroundings to have a mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees. They will often nest in shrubs or thickets that face an open lawn. Recommended plants for nesting and foraging include beautyberry, wax myrtle, grape, and hawthorn.

Be sure to create a place for cardinals in your garden, and since they don’t migrate, you could have them around to enjoy for many years.

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