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Fresh Friday: Fakahatchee Grass

fakahatchee grassFakahatchee grass, or gamma grass, is a southeastern ornamental native that’s gaining popularity among gardeners. Easy to grow and virtually pest-free, this grass has rich green spiky foliage rising upright from five foot tall clumps.

Distinctive wine-colored flowers appear in late spring to mid-summer on slender stems above the leaves. Fakahatchee grass will freeze to the ground, but returns in the spring, and is evergreen in sub-tropical areas.

This grass prefers sunny to partially shady fertile soils, but will tolerate most soil as long as it’s moist. It’s frequently found growing along river banks, hammocks, swamps, and other wet sites throughout most of Florida.

Fakahatchee grass is easy to grow, easy to propagate, and makes a wonderful addition to any garden.

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