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Dealing with Snakes

king snakeFlorida is home to 44 species of native snakes, but only 6 of them are venomous — the chance of being bitten by a venomous snake is very low. Florida’s snakes play important roles in our ecosystem, not only as predators that help to control rodent populations, but also as important prey for other wildlife. Sadly, the survival of many of our snakes is threatened by development, road mortality, and persecution by humans. By learning to safely deal with and even “get along” with snakes, you can reduce your risk of being bitten and can allow Florida’s snakes to play their role in our environment without fearing for your safety.

Check out the UF Wildlife Department’s new guide to dealing with snakes.

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  1. I agree with snakebuddies, very well said in deed.

  2. True. I love snakes. I think they are the most beautiful animals and have a bad reputation for no reason.

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