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Fresh Friday: Redbud Trees

redbud treeFor today’s Fresh Friday feature, we decided to focus on this beautiful tree.  You’ve probably noticed, but redbud trees are in full bloom in Florida.  Here’s a little more information about them.

Eastern Redbuds grow well in some shade in Florida. Best growth occurs in a light, rich, moist soil but Eastern Redbud adapts well to a variety of soil including sandy or alkaline.

redbudTrees look better when they receive some irrigation in summer dry spells. Its native habitat ranges from stream bank to dry ridge, demonstrating its adaptability.

Trees are sold as single or multistemmed. Young trees are easiest to transplant and survive best when planted in the spring or fall. Containerized trees can be planted anytime.

The beans provide food for some birds. Trees are short-lived but provide a wonderful show in the spring and fall.

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