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Another Lovely Flowering Tree: Japanese Magnolia

Japanese magnolia flowerToday, we’re featuring another lovely deciduous flowering tree–Japanese magnolia.
The Japanese magnolia is a gorgeous tree noticed in Central and North Florida when it blooms in spring. The large, tulip-shaped, usually pink flowers are a sight not easily forgotten.

The Japanese magnolia can grow to thirty feet tall. It’s low-maintenance, since few pests bother the tree, and little or no pruning is required. It will need to be watered during dry periods, as it’s not especially drought-tolerant.

Plant your Japanese magnolia in a fertile, well-drained soil. It can thrive in sunny or partial shade locations.

Your Japanese magnolia needs plenty of room to grow fully to its eventual breadth of about twenty-five feet.

Incorporate one of these lovely trees into your landscape for an amazing spring show!

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  1. Most so called Japanese Magnolias are from China !!~!! Only the Srar Magnolias and a very few more are actually from Japan

    John V Foster
    MG-Washington County

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