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Mosquitos Bugging You?

Everyone in Florida knows mosquitos and the trouble they bring with them.  Now that it’s starting to warm up, we’ll start seeing more of these bothersome pests.  But, if you have a backyard pond, you may have more mosquitos than you bargained for since they like to lay their eggs in water.  You can help control the mosquitos by getting gambusia, or mosquitofish, for your pond.  Here is some more information about gambusia.  You can also hear more about gambusia today on Gardening in a Minute.

Gambusia are excellent additions to your backyard pond. They are plain little fish that are excellent at controlling mosquitos.

Gambusia are small and stout, dull olive grey, with a rounded tail and an upturned mouth adapted for feeding at the water’s surface.

These fish can be found in virtually every freshwater habitat in the Eastern and Southern United States.

Gambusia are often called mosquitofish or pot-gut minnows. They are viviparous which means they give birth to live young rather than lay eggs.

They feed readily on larval and pupal stages of mosquitos and have been stocked virtually world-wide for mosquito control.

They are remarkably hardy, surviving in waters of very low oxygen, high salinities, and high temperatures.

If you have a pond, add mosquitofish to make summertime more comfortable.

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