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The Neighborhood Gardener: April 2010

This month in The Neighborhood Gardener:

  • What’s All the Buzz About? — Spring is here, which means honey bee swarm season is also here. Calls to Extension offices throughout Florida have been increasing as swarm season gets underway. The state has a series of recommendations for handling honey bee swarms and nesting colonies, and it’s very important that everyone is made aware of them.
  • More Information on Nesting Honey Bees – Only a specialist can tell the difference between the European honey bee and the more agressive African honey bee. Therefore, the state recommends the eradication of any honey bee nest that is found near people or animals. The potential harm from a swarm of African honey bees is too great a risk.
  • Plant of the Month: Confederate Jasmine — Neither Southern nor a true jasmine, this vine is nonetheless very popular in the south, thanks to its intoxicating fragrance.
  • Success Story: Roadside Plantings Get a Makeover – Lakewood Ranch, a master-planned community near Bradenton, recently got a “landscape makeover” when the Manatee County Extension Office helped community management improve the design of their roadside green areas.
  • April in Your Garden — Planting daylilies and other bulbs.
  • Friend or Foe: Benghal Dayflower — Problem weed.
  • Master Gardener Specialist Update — Watch updates on laurel wilt.
  • Featured Shows on “Gardening in a Minute”

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