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Are Your Trees Ready for Hurricane Season?

The hurricane season for Florida begins June 1, so now is the time to have your trees checked by a certified arborist.  Research has shown that trees pruned correctly survive heavy storms better than neglected trees.

We’ve all seen the destruction hurricanes can wreak on Florida’s homes and landscapes. To minimize your chances of getting hurricane damage, hire a certified arborist to prune your trees before the hurricane season.

The arborist will remove dead branches that can fall on houses, cars, and people. They’ll shorten overly long branches and eliminate branches with cracks and those that are poorly attached to the tree.

Branches with the same diameter as the trunk will be shortened and the outer edge of the canopy will be thinned, making your tree less likely to be blown over. Low branches that are close to your roof should be removed or shortened, as well.

Be sure to have your trees evaluated by a professional every two years.

Check out Trees and Hurricanes for more information about prepping and  pruning your trees for hurricanes.

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