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The Neighborhood Gardener – May 2010

This month in The Neighborhood Gardener:

• Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: What You Can Do to Help — Are you worried about Florida’s coast, wildlife, and industries affected by the Gulf oil spill? Florida Sea Grant agents say residents’ help is needed now and that need is expected to increase in the coming weeks.
• Horticultural Therapy and Master Gardeners — The field of horticultural therapy intersects the world of Master Gardeners often. Many community initiatives that Master Gardeners are involved in subscribe to the concept that plants and gardening activities improve lives.
• Plant of the Month: Banana — Bananas are wonderful plants that are grown both for their edible and ornamental qualities, and they can be grown in nearly all areas of the state.
• Hurricane Landscaping — Get some tips to help make sure your landscape is on its way to being hurricane proof.
• May in Your Garden — Watch for harmful insects that are becoming active as the weather warms.
• Friend or Foe: Opossums — These nuisance animals will eat almost anything.
• Master Gardener Specialist Update — New Florida-Friendly Landscaping™ resources.
• Featured Shows on “Gardening in a Minute”

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