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Fresh Friday: Miniature Roses

miniature rose

©National Gardening Association

Miniature roses are small plants that pack a lot of personality.

Their flowers are small–about the size of a dime or a quarter–but come in almost every color of the rainbow.

Given their colorful nature, it’s not surprising that they’re popular gift plants. But miniature roses need a high amount of light, so they’ll perform best if they’re grown outdoors.

Try planting them in containers with a rich, well-drained potting media. Or you can also plant them in mixed borders.

Just be sure to place them near the front of beds so that they won’t disappear behind other plants. By definition, miniature roses are small plants–they’ll grow only 8 to 24 inches tall.

With proper care, these little plants can be big stars in your garden!

See Growing Roses in Florida for more information about these and other roses.

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