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The Neighborhood Gardener – July

This month in The Neighborhood Gardener:

• Selecting a Turfgrass — You should realistically assess how much time, money, and work you can put into maintaining your lawn before planting turfgrass.
• A Master Gardener’s Mission to Africa — Volusia County Master Gardener Ken Kilner is headed to Africa to volunteer with the Farmer-to-Farmer program, teaching the benefits of mulching, crop rotation, and safer pest management alternatives.
• Competing in the Plant ID & Judging Contest? Are you organizing a Master Gardener team for the competition in October? Check out the Florida Plant Identification Module to help you with your “plant ID” skills.
• Plant of the Month: Dyckia — One of the most cold hardy types of bromeliad, dyckia is a tough, low-maintenance plant with spiky yet succulent leaves that can be grown outdoors throughout Florida.
• July in Your Garden — Prepare for hurricane season by checking trees for damaged or weakened branches and pruning if needed. Continue planting palms while the rainy season is in full swing.
• Friend or Foe: Bed Bugs — Read more about these pests and control methods in the IFAS Pesticide Information Office’s newsletter, “Chemically Speaking.”
• Master Gardener Specialist Update — Dr. Ed Gilman gives recommendations on tree root treatments.
• Are You a Fan? Stay up to date with the Florida Master Gardener Page on Facebook.

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  1. I live in Tenn but I’m am from Fl and a big Gator fan.. My Husband and I garden in our back yard and every year we grow cucumbers and this year we had a surprise we have a siamese cucumbers we wood like to know is there anything specail about this or are we just lucky …

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