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The Neighborhood Gardener – January 2011

shrubHappy New Year! This month in The Neighborhood Gardener:

  • New Tools for Palm Problem Diagnosis – “A Resource for Pests and Diseases of Cultivated Palms” was created by UF/IFAS palm faculty and other partners. It’s actually a group of tools to help with the identification of insects, diseases, and other pests and disorders of palms.
  • Plant of the Month: Japanese Plum Yew – Deep shade can be a challenge for gardeners, but Japanese plum yew is a lush evergreen plant that performs well even in the shadiest spots.
  • Tea Scale on Camellias – Now that camellias are getting ready to bloom, be on the lookout for tea scale. This insect pest can be controlled with pruning, insecticides, and some biological methods.
  • January in Your Garden – Now is a good time to plant cold-hardy woody shrubs and trees. Water frequently to get new plantings off to a good start. Florida observes Arbor Day on January 21. To celebrate, plant a tree in your yard or community.
  • Friend or Foe? Foe: Snowbush Caterpillar – These pests are the larval form of the white-tipped black moth and they feed on snowbush shrubs. Dr. Doug Caldwell, Collier County Horticulture Agent, discusses the harmful effects of snowbush caterpillar in a YouTube video.
  • Get Educated on Using Roundup® at Home – There are many types of weed control products on the market. An EDIS fact sheet breaks down information about one of the most common products and how it should be used.

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